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Tuesday, June 5th, 2018
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Solon Fire Application

This application is your request to be placed on a candidates list to be considered for membership on the Solon Fire Department. The Solon Fire Department maintains a normal membership of 30 members. New members are only placed on the roster in the vent of a current member leaving the roster. This application is kept by the Solon Fire Department in a file in the chronological order in which it is received, reviewed and dated by the Fire Chief. When the time comes to fill a vacancy in the roster an election is held at the regular business meeting in January. A candidate is voted into probationary status by a chronologically ranked list untill there is a successful vote and the roster is filled.


Note: A candidate who was a member of the Solon Fire Department in the past is automatically placed at the top of the list when they apply. A new probationary member will be notified by the Fire Chief and will be asked to attend the next regular business meeting.


While you will be considered a volunteer in that you do not receive any monetary compensation for your efforts there are many mandatory requirements you must meet in order to insure a safe and progressive program is maintained. The probationary period is one (1) year starting with the February business meetion after the candidate is voted on the department.


Each probationary Member Must:

  1. Have and maintain a current State of Iowa driver’s license.  (Operator’s License is a Minimum)
  2. Be Physically and Mentally fit.
  3. Pass a background check.
  4. Attend each Solon Fire Department’s Monthly Training or make-up.
  5. Fulfill the Solon Fire Department’s probationary training program.
  6. Become CPR Health Care certified.
  7. After probationary period is completed certify as and Iowa Firefighter 1 as a minimum by the end of year two (2).
  8. Become an Iowa EMR First Responder as a Minimum by the end of year three (3).
  9. Attend minimum of 8 Business Meetings during probation.
  10. Respond to all Emergency calls when available.
  11. Serve on all Benevolent Association Committees during probation.


Please complete information below for consideration.


Your Full Name:
Your Address:
Zip Code:
Date of Birth:
Email Address:
Work Address:
Work Telephone:
Normal Working Hours:
Are you able to leave work for a call?: yes
Are you willing to submit to a background check?: yes
List any Experience:
List 3 References with phone numbers:
Why do you want to Join?:




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